Talent selection, management and retention

Recruiting and developing the sales professionals of the future

Posted by David Smith

The s-word? I have a confession to make, I like sales.  I like sales, I like the sales process, it interests me and I hate it when the profession gets derided, mocked or cheapened.  There, I said it! It’s unfair … Continue reading

Is promoting and developing emotional intelligence the key to unlocking our full potential?

Posted by David Smith

My daughter has been going to school for about 6 months now.  Although it’s a great school and she’s (mostly!) a bright, sensible and confident girl, we approached her first parents evening with more than a few nerves.  Will she … Continue reading

Lessons in leadership from George Washington – In two parts

Posted by Signe Spencer

In honor of the President’s Day holiday in the United States this past Monday, the leadership blog, Great Leadership by Dan, published two guest blogs posts from Signe Spencer, a senior principal at Hay Group.  In part one of her … Continue reading

The media sector: Hobbiton, Mordor or somewhere in between?

Posted by Stephen Welch

You might at first think there is little connection between the media sector and JRR Tolkein’s “The Hobbit”, recently released as a movie.  But there are in fact a lot of parallels between Bilbo Baggins’ journey and the on-going journeys … Continue reading

IT Organization and Job Design Issues: Project Management

Posted by Vincent Milich

Every company has an Information Technology (IT) function, and one would think that the structure and roles within IT would have been “standardized” by now.   But nothing is further from the truth.   Because of the needs of different companies and … Continue reading

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