How to stop your employees scoring a World Cup own goal

Posted by Joana Vianna

Here in Brazil, saying we are passionate about the World Cup is something of an understatement – we’re the ‘spiritual home of football’. In World Cup year, schools close and employees have afternoons off every time the Brazilian team have a match. This is nothing new – it´s been like this since we followed our team´s games on the radio or on black and white TV.

And, as I’m sure you know, this year is a little bit special. This year we are the hosts. In cities hosting the ‘big’ games such as the opening and closing matches, nothing and no one will work. Of course there are some industries such as food and beverage that will be 100% commercially focused on the event, however for the main part, past levels of World Cup fixation will be well and truly trumped – schools will be closed all day long, banks will only open till noon and many companies will have entire days off. Yes, World ...

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