Skate where the puck is going to be: Coming to terms with the top three issues facing Life Sciences today

Posted by Ian Wilcox

As human resources and operations leaders from around the world gather in Boston for the annual Hanson Wade Life Sciences Leadership Forum, I see three pressing issues that will pose major challenges to the industry over the coming years. The first two – dealing with the impact of M&A and globalization – are familiar, but more complex than ever. The last is newer on the scene: the role of predictive analytics in targeting and developing talent.

Impact of M&A

Not only does the M&A trend continue; we are also seeing many new gyrations. Whether it’s the trading of divisions seen last year between Novartis and GSK, or Shire’s ambitious bid to acquire Baxalta, we see a mix of new formations that break old models.

The challenges for leaders are enormous. How do they blend different cultures so as to preserve and enhance the value these deals promise? How do they find the synergies driving these transactions without jeopardizing the successful R&D an ...

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