Career development in an increasingly global and volatile world!

Posted by Nick Boulter

The world is becoming much more volatile, ambiguous and changes happen much more rapidly – as the saying goes: it’s a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world!

But in this VUCA world, how can international organisations plan for their future needs – especially leadership needs? We conducted interviews with CEOs and other business leaders during our recent Best Companies for Leadership study to find out.

Increasingly they’re looking for leaders who:

  • have a global mindset
  • can be innovative
  • deliver outstandingly in many different business situations
  • embrace diversity
  • are collaborative
  • can respond to changeable events with great ability.

This may be a tall order – indeed, one well known CEO described what they were looking for as ‘ambidextrous’ leaders. But how can such capable leaders be developed?

Rather than just equipping future leaders through the classr ...

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