The last little bit: strategies for maximizing value of older workers

Posted by Jeff Kirschner

As we look at employment trends in the U.S., the specter of baby boomer retirement looms as an unresolved question for many organizations. How will they replace the leaders who have driven their success up to this point? Their leadership bench often seems thin, and organizations find themselves in competition for the same small pool of potential leaders, driving up prices for talent acquisition from the outside. While organizations recognize the value of developing their own talent pools, that long-term strategy may not address their short-term staffing needs.

There are also issues aplenty for older workers. Many of them find their skill sets less relevant in the modern business context. Discrimination against older workers may limit their options, and their values may not be aligned with their company’s direction. For the age 50+ worker, their motivation may shift from thinking about climbing the corporate ladder to figuring out how they will spend the time that the ...

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