Rebranding the pharmaceutical sales rep? A good idea – when accompanied by real change

Posted by Ian Wilcox

You may or may not agree with the negative portrayal of the pharmaceutical sales representative in recent years. But one fact is irrefutable: the title ‘sales rep’ no longer describes how this role is evolving.

Less and less are these reps really selling a product. More and more, they’re providing value: showing how a drug benefits patients and payers in ways that go beyond clinical efficacy. The passivity of the term ‘representative’ does little to capture this new notion of providing value – a notion that is core to both the future of the role and the effectiveness of the entire commercial organization.

What this new role looks like

More and more, those in this ‘outreach’ role will follow a more sophisticated route to the customer.

  • They will drive value as liaisons and trusted advisors – helping physicians and institutions gain deeper understanding (and appreciation) of bo ...

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