People issues

Part 4 | People management

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

In the aviation business, each airline has a different definition of talent in “Knowledgeable talent” and “Good-minded talent” perspective. This is why each airline has different characteristics and structure. Starting from the definition of its “Talent” for Low Cost Carriers … Continue reading

Let’s get Digital!

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

When I think back to my childhood and compare it to what kids of today have – it’s a whole new world! My younger days consisted of rushing home after school to play ‘Turtle Graphics’ on a very large Personal … Continue reading

How does the link between reward and performance vary around the world?

Posted by Nick Boulter

In the last of our video blogs on reward and performance management, my colleagues Chris Chen (Hay Group Canada), Aspasia Voulgari (Hay Group Southern Europe) and I look at the regional differences we’ve observed in how organizations reward their people. … Continue reading

Great people management makes the difference

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

If anybody asks whether human resource management is important, we believe no one will reply ‘no’ because machines definitely will not be able to function without people. But if anybody asks how it is important to the business, there are … Continue reading

Can we ‘Uber’ assessment?

Posted by Matt Chaplin

Last month I was invited to be a panel member at the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC), in Sydney. The topic: “Will assessments eliminate the interview?” Seemed thought-provoking and controversial enough. Since 2005 the team at the ATC have positioned this … Continue reading

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