Benefits and pay

Think global, pay Local

Posted by Ben Frost

Benjamin Frost looks at the dangers of focusing on your home market when setting global pay policy. Alarm bells rang recently when I was in a meeting with the head of reward for a multinational chemicals company. Talk turned to … Continue reading

You don’t need to be Google to create a great culture

Posted by David Smith

What springs to mind when you think of Innocent Drinks, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, Apple or Google?  Strong brand? Great culture? Social-responsibility? Ethics?  From a people management perspective, you do get the sense that it would indeed be great to … Continue reading

Why the cap doesn’t fit

Posted by Carl Sjostrom

Take emotion and politics out of the equation and the argument for capping bankers’ bonuses doesn’t add up, says Hay Group’s Carl Sjostrom. Ask any passer-by if they agree with the EU’s move to limit bankers’ bonuses (and, now, to … Continue reading

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