Ian Wilcox

Ian Wilcox

Ian Wilcox is Global Managing Director Life Sciences at Hay Group. He specializes in executive assessment, talent management and organizational effectiveness. Ian helps organizations improve how human capital is deployed and developed.

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Five people-focused strategies for getting the most from your M&A

Posted by Ian Wilcox

Last week, I made the case that in an M&A deal, you need to pay close attention to the people components—not just financials. Today I want to share five people-focused strategies for maximizing M&A value over the long term. Understand … Continue reading

Only looking under the hood during an M&A? You may crash

Posted by Ian Wilcox

April 23 was a big day for pharma M&A. Serial acquirer Valeant Pharmaceuticals made a bid to take over Allergan. The same day, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline agreed to a deal shoring up their respective strengths: GSK acquired Novartis’ vaccines business, … Continue reading

A mindset shift for market access

Posted by Ian Wilcox

The challenge for life sciences Over the past two years, in talking with life sciences leaders and expert observers, the issue of market access has dominated the conversation. The reasons are obvious. Once distanced from the shadow of the patent … Continue reading

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