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What trends are you seeing in reward and performance management?

Posted by Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter

In the second of our series of video blogs on the link between reward and performance (you can watch the first film, on how to strengthen that link, here), me and two of my colleagues – Aspasia Voulgari, a consultant in Hay Group Southern Europe, and Chris Chen, head of reward at Hay Group Canada – look at some of the trends we’re seeing in the way our clients manage reward and performance.

Here’s a few of the things we talk about:

  • an increased focus on raising individual performance and the feedback process
  • an increase in differentiation in reward (wanting to reward people differently based on how they perform)
  • a focus on improving the link between reward and company performance to get a more dynamic performance management culture
  • the manager’s ability to give feedback and how they coach and develop their people.

Watch the film to find out more.

Or catch up on the first video blog in the series


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