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Three ways to make performance ratings work

Posted by Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter

In the third of our video blogs on the link between reward and performance management, we look at the flaws (and how to overcome them) of using performance ratings.

Watch my colleague Chris Chen, head of reward at Hay Group Canada and I discuss:

  • why some clients are downplaying the focus on the number or letter an employee gets at the end of their review meeting
  • why it’s important to look carefully at the language given to ratings – being told you’re only ‘average’ or ‘acceptable’ can be disengaging
  • why giving people frequent feedback straight away is often better than one or two longer discussions a year.

You can watch the other films in the series here:

How can you strengthen the link between reward and performance management?

What trends are you seeing in reward and performance management?


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