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The 2013 Best Companies for Leadership

Posted by Signe Spencer

Signe Spencer

On September 18, Hay Group will reveal the twenty Best Companies for Leadership in 2013 – and they will join a roster that has included the most successful, familiar enterprises in the world.  Coincidence?

Since 2005, Hay Group has conducted the Best Companies for Leadership study to identify the enterprises with the strongest leadership practices. Every year, the list of these companies includes some of the best-known and most successful commercial enterprises on earth: leaders in their respective categories that have demonstrated consistent competitive excellence and long-term staying power.

In last year’s study, for example, the top five companies included General Electric, Procter & Gamble, IBM, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. The businesses rounding out the top 20 were just as well known and highly regarded — and joining it is a major achievement for any organization.

Practical insights for any business
The Best Companies for Leadership study is much more than a list of leading businesses, however. Our more fundamental goal is to uncover and report revealing insights into the cultures that support high-performance organizational leadership, the practices that drive corporate success, and the business trends that are shaping the competitive environment.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the kind of insights that can help any organization take practical steps to improve its own leadership practices and enhance its competitive standing.

In last year’s study, for example, we discovered that the Best Companies are strongly focused on innovation – their response to a collision of megatrends in business and society that makes meaningful commercial innovation an indispensible strategy to assure ongoing success.

More importantly, we identified and described the specific business and leadership practices these companies have adopted to encourage and support innovation.

How we compile the Best Companies for Leadership report
We ask qualified employees from around the world to rate their own organization’s leadership practices – and to nominate the three firms they admire most for leadership. The final list is compiled based on qualified responses from self identified ‘leaders’ and ‘employees’ on behalf of their organization.

The companies in this elite ranking earn praise from outsiders as well as admiration from within. Our view of the best is rounded out with factual information, such as a company’s ‘bench strength’ for key positions and how many other companies are trying to hire its top people.

We take a similar approach to regional ‘top 10’ lists, considering only responses from those in the region.

Stay tuned – this year’s survey findings, based on 18,000 global responses will be announced on September 18. 
These findings, which include highlights of our new Best Companies, will provide invaluable insights to guide your organization in planning and preparing for the business challenges coming down the road. Click here to register for our complimentary webinar revealing the new top 20 best companies for leadership – and the business practices that set them apart.

Who’s your top pick for this year’s Best Company for leadership? Click here to let us know.


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