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How does the link between reward and performance vary around the world?

Posted by Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter

In the last of our video blogs on reward and performance management, my colleagues Chris Chen (Hay Group Canada), Aspasia Voulgari (Hay Group Southern Europe) and I look at the regional differences we’ve observed in how organizations reward their people. We also take a look at how organizations can reward the new generation of people joining the workforce.

In the film, we talk about:

  • how the link between reward and performance is stronger in some regions
  • where short-term incentives play less of a role in the total reward package
  • why ‘guaranteed income’ is on the rise in North America
  • why companies in some regions are more likely to use the full range of the reward mix
  • how organizations need to tailor reward to the new generation of workers, who expect different things from their older colleagues.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series. If you missed any of the previous films, you can catch up using the links below.

Missed any of the previous films? You can catch up here:

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