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How can you strengthen the link between reward and performance management?

Posted by Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter

Recently, we’ve heard a lot of talk (and answered a lot of questions) about the relationship between reward and performance management.

So we’ve created a series of short video blogs in which our experts discuss the issues on camera. First up is how to strengthen the link between the two; other topics we’ll cover include the trends we’re seeing in this area, and what we think of ratings-based performance management systems.

In this first film, you’ll hear top tips for success from me and two of my colleagues – Aspasia Voulgari, a consultant in Hay Group Southern Europe, and Chris Chen, head of reward at Hay Group Canada.

Here’s a taster of what we talk about – watch the film for more insights and advice.

  • Define what success looks like within your culture – what do you expect from your people? What behaviors do you want to encourage?
  • Communicate and educate – let everyone know what they can do to perform well and make sure your managers are up to speed when review time comes around
  • Be courageous – don’t be afraid to take bold action when it’s needed
  • Be consistent – don’t pick and choose when you apply the rules.

Catch part two of the series – on trends in reward and performance management – here



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