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How can you differentiate reward?

Posted by Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter

In the 4th of our reward and performance management filmed blogs, we look at the popular topic of how you can differentiate the way you reward your people.

We know that lots of the clients we work with are looking to find a balance between competitively rewarding (and keeping hold of) their best people, while keeping a close eye on the pay bill. Differentiating the rewards they give is one way companies can show their high performers that they value their contribution.

In the film, we talk about:

  • some of the different approaches taken by the companies we work with
  • how to find non-traditional ways to reward your best people
  • why you should consider putting greater rewards behind high potentials and those in critical risk roles
  • why it’s important to make sure your people understand the full picture of what they’re getting
  • and why you should be aware of your employee value proposition.

Enjoy the film.

The final film in the series – on the differences in reward and performance management based on geography and generation – is out next week. You can watch the first three films in the series here:

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