Talent selection, management and retention

Beyond dealmakers

Posted by Madeline Dessing

Financial organizations need to expand the ‘gene pool’ of people they employ. How can they go about it? Clever, confident, clear-thinking… and a little bit coercive. Hay Group’s databases reveal that leaders in financial services organizations have a very specific … Continue reading

How to develop a plan for keeping your people

Posted by Satya Radjasa

What do economies in recovery mode and high-growth emerging economies have in common? They need top talent to run their businesses – and this talent is in great demand! Our global research indicates that emerging economies such as Indonesia, India … Continue reading

They made him an offer he can’t refuse… are you sure about that?

Posted by Tom McMullen

One of my friends, Catherine, is the manager of a large group of people. One of her key leaders just tendered his resignation because he’s been offered a better deal elsewhere. She really can’t afford to let him go: he … Continue reading

Why building your employer brand can bring big rewards

Posted by Stuart Hyland

I was interested to see our research into employee turnover, Preparing for Take-off, because it reflects what I believe about the importance of developing a made-to-measure employer brand. There are many ways to define this term, as well as many … Continue reading

Why are things not what they seem in financial services?

Posted by Jean-Marc Laouchez

The outward image of the sector is still one of a profitable, competitive industry with effective leaders – so why is it struggling? This blog post is part of a six-part series looking at how leadership in financial services can boost performance, build … Continue reading

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