Talent selection, management and retention

Would you recommend your place of work to friends? Social media and its growing importance in the war for talent

Posted by David Smith

Some recent data from Gartner suggests that companies spend around 10 per cent of their annual revenue on marketing activities. Clearly it’s important for companies of all shapes and sizes to invest in design, advertising, content and more.  But do … Continue reading

Do managers need a ‘fit note’?

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

The ‘fit note’ was introduced in April 2010 with the view to support employers and employees with guidance as to employee’s fitness to work.  Although this relates to sickness and absence, it got me thinking about how similar the ‘fit … Continue reading

The talent exodus: why now is the time to protect your business

Posted by David Smith

Have companies become complacent about talent retention in the last few years? Yes, there will always be those technical specialists or company superstars that are wrapped in cotton wool, but what about the others? Are we investing less in the rest? Let’s … Continue reading

With salaries shooting up, could China be losing its luster?

Posted by Wendy Nicholls

Each week, we examine the economic context of an emerging market and the implications for multinationals’ reward policies. This week, Wendy Nicholls looks at China. China’s economy may have cooled down in recent years, but it’s still expanding at an … Continue reading

Harness the potential of your people: Why ‘Big Data’ needs to be the next big project for HR.

Posted by David Smith

Does the HR department need to catch up with other parts of the business when it comes to collecting and making sense of ‘big data’?  I’m guessing most companies can probably analyse every chunk of sales revenue by product.  Some … Continue reading

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