Talent selection, management and retention

How millennials will save your company

Posted by Jennifer Salpietro

I hear it all the time: “What’s wrong with these millennials? They’re so entitled! They want a promotion as soon as they walk in the door!” It comes up in the media, in casual conversation, and in discussion with my … Continue reading

A key driver of employee engagement

Posted by Vincent Milich

Career development is consistently cited by employees as critical to their satisfaction with an organization, and a key reason why they may change jobs. In fact, Hay Group data on the predictors of employee retention indicate it is THE most … Continue reading

Moral grounding: ethics and the case of Coke

Posted by Yvonne Sell

I was intrigued to see Coca-Cola’s 8 per cent drop in profits in last month’s trading statement. The soft drinks giant understandably pointed to “slowing economic environments” in India and China. The runaway growth of a few years ago has … Continue reading

3 classic HR issues and how aligning processes could hold the answer

Posted by Kayleigh Nance

Recently I’ve been thinking about HR as a discipline and how rapidly it has changed in the past decade (or two). At one point, HR wasn’t getting the respect it deserved. Thankfully, times have changed. With the ability to extrapolate … Continue reading

The knowledge baton: learning from the next generation

Posted by Georg Vielmetter

I couldn’t help but smile the other day when a colleague told me that his three-year-old son had showed him how to play Angry Birds. “I guess it’s a sign of the times,” he mused. He’s not wrong. Only this … Continue reading

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