Talent selection, management and retention

Attracting graduates isn’t the problem, it’s keeping them

Posted by Lucy Beaumont

With yet another book out this month from Google ~ ‘Work Rules’ ~ detailing what it’s like to work at Google, we can confidently say that Google have nailed the ‘attracting candidates’ piece. We’ve all heard, and perhaps been in … Continue reading

You don’t need candles to be mindful: Emotional intelligence is for everyone

Posted by David Smith

In the last couple of weeks an All-Party Parliamentary Group published the results of an 8-month inquiry into the potential for mindfulness training in key areas of public life. The resulting recommendations were clear¬, there are benefits within healthcare, education, … Continue reading

The last little bit: strategies for maximizing value of older workers

Posted by Jeff Kirschner

As we look at employment trends in the U.S., the specter of baby boomer retirement looms as an unresolved question for many organizations. How will they replace the leaders who have driven their success up to this point? Their leadership … Continue reading

Family owned businesses and the third generation curse

Posted by Mitali Bose

In some parts of the world, their focus on their family capital has ensured that they outperform their corporate peers and survive till their 8th or 9th generation. But, in a sharp contrast here in India, ironically a country where … Continue reading

Fraud, Psychometrics and the Polygraph

Posted by Rosana Wayand

“It’s not a lie… if you believe it”. That’s how you can beat the polygraph according to George Constanza (Seinfield episode 107). Most people, however, are not that confident at telling lies. Following his friend’s advice, Jerry Seinfeld failed miserably … Continue reading

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