Reward strategies

The role of rewards in building employee engagement

Posted by Mark Royal

No, money probably can’t buy you love. And it won’t alone buy you employee engagement either.  But a sense of balance between what employees contribute to an organization and what they get back in return is fundamental to sustaining the … Continue reading

How to keep your people “up” when pay increases are down

Posted by Nick Boulter

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen our salary forecasts for 2014, we predict that global salary increases will be down on last year. And when you add inflationary pressures to the mix, it looks likely that many regions will see … Continue reading

Do you know the cost of employees leaving your organization?

Posted by Satya Radjasa

“There are two most important elements in my company: people and brand. If I have to choose just one, it’s people, because with great people, I can create excellent brands.” (Maurits Lalisang, president director of Unilever Indonesia.) For me, this … Continue reading

When it comes to pay and benefits – are we better off working closer to home?

Posted by David Smith

I recently took a trip back to my home town to see my family. I grew up about 7 miles east of Manchester in the borough of Tameside. The industrial revolution had a significant impact on this area with several factories producing … Continue reading

Can more sophisticated reward strategies help Russian multinationals win the war for talent?

Posted by Yury Levichev

Each week, we examine the economic context of an emerging market and the implications for multinationals’ reward policies. This week, Yury Levichev looks at Russia. I bumped into an old colleague the other day as he was heading off to … Continue reading

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