Reward strategies

How can you differentiate reward?

Posted by Nick Boulter

In the 4th of our reward and performance management filmed blogs, we look at the popular topic of how you can differentiate the way you reward your people. We know that lots of the clients we work with are looking … Continue reading

How can you strengthen the link between reward and performance management?

Posted by Nick Boulter

Recently, we’ve heard a lot of talk (and answered a lot of questions) about the relationship between reward and performance management. So we’ve created a series of short video blogs in which our experts discuss the issues on camera. First … Continue reading

What do companies think about sales growth?

Posted by Michael Vaccaro

The prevailing opinion seemed to be “so far, so good”, according to sales and HR participants attending our Enterprise Sales Effectiveness roundtables in April. We held these events in Chicago and New York City. Each had about a dozen companies … Continue reading

Fair pay for complex public sector roles

Posted by Phil Kenmore

It seems to me that expectations and reward for public servants are moving in opposite directions. Instead of reflecting the increasing demands made of local authority managers, pay is falling relative to other sectors. Following drastic cuts in staffing levels … Continue reading

Rebalancing risk in executive reward

Posted by Eric Engesaeth

Daniel Kahneman probably wasn’t thinking about executive reward when he wrote about the phenomenon of ‘loss aversion’ (people’s tendency to fear loss more than they appreciate gains) in his 2011 book, Thinking Fast and Slow. But the theory helps to … Continue reading

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