Reward strategies

The role of rewards in enabling a culture of innovation

Posted by Tom McMullen

Most companies say that innovation is a core value and reward professionals overwhelmingly report that incentive programs have a positive impact on encouraging innovation, according to new Hay Group research. One of our prior Hay Group studies found that the … Continue reading

Don’t write your sales compensation plans backwards

Posted by Michael Vaccaro

Writing a good sales compensation plan… January is when many companies are putting the final touches on their sales incentive plans for the coming year. We have read a lot of sales compensation plans over the years. It remains interesting … Continue reading

Family owned businesses and the third generation curse

Posted by Mitali Bose

In some parts of the world, their focus on their family capital has ensured that they outperform their corporate peers and survive till their 8th or 9th generation. But, in a sharp contrast here in India, ironically a country where … Continue reading

Bridging the gap between public and private sector pay: the gloomy facts pointing to a need for change

Posted by David Smith

In around 2010 if someone asked us how public sector pay compared to pay rates in the general market we’d have said they were about the same, if not slightly higher. Ask us now and we’ll tell you that at … Continue reading

How does the link between reward and performance vary around the world?

Posted by Nick Boulter

In the last of our video blogs on reward and performance management, my colleagues Chris Chen (Hay Group Canada), Aspasia Voulgari (Hay Group Southern Europe) and I look at the regional differences we’ve observed in how organizations reward their people. … Continue reading

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