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The role of rewards in enabling a culture of innovation

Posted by Tom McMullen

Most companies say that innovation is a core value and reward professionals overwhelmingly report that incentive programs have a positive impact on encouraging innovation, according to new Hay Group research. One of our prior Hay Group studies found that the … Continue reading

AAA incentives

Posted by Mark Thompson

Well, it’s that time of year again when exams are in season and I don’t doubt that the question you are asking yourself is this: should I pay my kids for exam success? As someone who makes a living out … Continue reading

How can you differentiate reward?

Posted by Nick Boulter

In the 4th of our reward and performance management filmed blogs, we look at the popular topic of how you can differentiate the way you reward your people. We know that lots of the clients we work with are looking … Continue reading

What trends are you seeing in reward and performance management?

Posted by Nick Boulter

In the second of our series of video blogs on the link between reward and performance (you can watch the first film, on how to strengthen that link, here), me and two of my colleagues – Aspasia Voulgari, a consultant … Continue reading

What do companies think about sales growth?

Posted by Michael Vaccaro

The prevailing opinion seemed to be “so far, so good”, according to sales and HR participants attending our Enterprise Sales Effectiveness roundtables in April. We held these events in Chicago and New York City. Each had about a dozen companies … Continue reading

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