Job evaluation

Want to double your pay? Think about a move to Asia

Posted by Wendy Nicholls

We all know that for many multinationals, Asia is the place to be. But this means that there’s a huge demand for talented people and not enough of them to go around. And for HR this presents a real challenge: … Continue reading

Charles Dickens: change management guru?

Posted by Stephen Welch

I gave a speech recently to a group of financial directors at the UK Government Department of Business Innovation and Skills, and the brief around change management got me thinking about Charles Dickens. Let me explain why. Did you know … Continue reading

IT Organization and Job Design Issues: Project Management

Posted by Vincent Milich

Every company has an Information Technology (IT) function, and one would think that the structure and roles within IT would have been “standardized” by now.   But nothing is further from the truth.   Because of the needs of different companies and … Continue reading


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