Employee engagement and performance

The role of rewards in building employee engagement

Posted by Mark Royal

No, money probably can’t buy you love. And it won’t alone buy you employee engagement either.  But a sense of balance between what employees contribute to an organization and what they get back in return is fundamental to sustaining the … Continue reading

Leadership and people engagement in 2030: what organisations need to know today

Posted by Sam Dawson

“I wanna be….Anarchy” snarled the Sex Pistols in their infamous punk anthem  ‘Anarchy in the UK’ in 1976. While these lyrics could be dismissed as the rantings of the punk rock generation, they do seem to reflect a recent shift … Continue reading

Why are you running this survey, anyway?

Posted by Sarah Marrs

A little while ago I kicked off a new survey project with a client who has a large customer service population. As part of this session we met with their Executive Head of HR who said the below – and … Continue reading

A New Year health boost

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

What is it about a New Year that sets everyone into a frenzy over diets, better management of health and new years’ resolutions to manage work-life balance over the coming year? Then by February 1st it’s all forgotten.   When UK … Continue reading

Is there a wrong time to win a lottery or a right time to catch a flu?

Posted by Klaus Mittorp

“What is the right time to run the survey?” When talking to organizations planning or reviewing an employee survey this is a question we are often asked. Although it is, of course, a relevant one, to me it feels a … Continue reading

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