Employee engagement and performance

May the (older work-) force be with you

Posted by Sam Dawson

Last week I heard that Harrison Ford was being treated in hospital after being injured on the set of the latest Star Wars film. The story I had from a colleague was that the door of the Millennium Falcon had … Continue reading

Thinking inside the boundaries

Posted by Yvonne Sell

I found myself with a rare luxury last week: time to sit and think. I had nothing to do on an eight-hour flight to India. How did that happen? It happened because the team had done a stellar job of … Continue reading

How to stop your employees scoring a World Cup own goal

Posted by Joana Vianna

Here in Brazil, saying we are passionate about the World Cup is something of an understatement – we’re the ‘spiritual home of football’. In World Cup year, schools close and employees have afternoons off every time the Brazilian team have … Continue reading

How likely are you to recommend the employee net promoter score?

Posted by Hazen Witemeyer

Last week a client asked me for advice on the efficacy of the Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS), an off-shoot of a customer satisfaction measure called the Net Promoter Score (NPS), as a measure of employee engagement. It was the … Continue reading

A key driver of employee engagement

Posted by Vincent Milich

Career development is consistently cited by employees as critical to their satisfaction with an organization, and a key reason why they may change jobs. In fact, Hay Group data on the predictors of employee retention indicate it is THE most … Continue reading

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