Employee engagement and performance

Family owned businesses and the third generation curse

Posted by Mitali Bose

In some parts of the world, their focus on their family capital has ensured that they outperform their corporate peers and survive till their 8th or 9th generation. But, in a sharp contrast here in India, ironically a country where … Continue reading

Business in the UAE is booming, so why is national unemployment so high?

Posted by Jan Marsli

As the business center of the Middle East, and thanks to a strong economy, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to attract hordes of expatriates looking to earn a tax-free salary and fast track their careers. However what comes as … Continue reading

7 goals or 1 team? What Brazil learnt from the World Cup

Posted by Joana Vianna

Two months ago, I wrote a blog about the passion us Brazilians have for football and what the World Cup means to us. I mentioned our internal logistics for hosting the tournament and how schools and businesses would close so … Continue reading

Let’s get Digital!

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

When I think back to my childhood and compare it to what kids of today have – it’s a whole new world! My younger days consisted of rushing home after school to play ‘Turtle Graphics’ on a very large Personal … Continue reading

Finding some sporting hope in Individualization

Posted by Phil Pringle

The English summer of sporting hope has crumbled quicker than a sandcastle on a windy British beach. The footballers crashed out of the World Cup within 8 days, the cricket team were humbled on home turf by a team of … Continue reading

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