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Harness the potential of your people: Why ‘Big Data’ needs to be the next big project for HR.

Posted by David Smith

Does the HR department need to catch up with other parts of the business when it comes to collecting and making sense of ‘big data’?  I’m guessing most companies can probably analyse every chunk of sales revenue by product.  Some … Continue reading

What is the UK civil service actually for?

Posted by Phil Kenmore

Everyone is likely to have their own answer to this question and it’s not one I will attempt to answer in this blog, but it is certainly what the UK civil service should be asking right now, and here’s why. … Continue reading

Are You Breeding Toxicity in Your Team?

Posted by Stephen Choo

We have all encountered toxic people in our professional and personal lives. I call such people Typhoid Mary* – people who go around, spreading dissatisfaction, frustration and resentment, sometimes even without displaying these “symptoms” themselves. Amazingly, Typhoid Marys tend to … Continue reading

What does your recruitment process say about you?

Posted by David Smith

Companies advertise and sell products.  They spend millions of pounds each year ensuring that these products are desirable to consumers and can be bought with the minimum amount of fuss.   It’s therefore odd that many companies do not give the … Continue reading

Innovate at Maximum Speed: 5 Tips

Posted by Susan Snyder

The world is changing faster than ever and companies large and small are struggling to keep up. Customers are demanding new, innovative products and services; employees are being asked to produce better, faster results; and technology is accelerating workflow and … Continue reading

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