Benefits and pay

The role of rewards in enabling a culture of innovation

Posted by Tom McMullen

Most companies say that innovation is a core value and reward professionals overwhelmingly report that incentive programs have a positive impact on encouraging innovation, according to new Hay Group research. One of our prior Hay Group studies found that the … Continue reading

Why are CEOs getting more cash?

Posted by Irv Becker

According to the first 50 results from the latest Wall Street Journal/Hay Group survey, CEO compensation at large US corporations rose again in 2014, with median pay up 6.9 percent to $12.2m, vs. a 4.3 percent rise in 2013. The … Continue reading

AAA incentives

Posted by Mark Thompson

Well, it’s that time of year again when exams are in season and I don’t doubt that the question you are asking yourself is this: should I pay my kids for exam success? As someone who makes a living out … Continue reading

Bridging the gap between public and private sector pay: the gloomy facts pointing to a need for change

Posted by David Smith

In around 2010 if someone asked us how public sector pay compared to pay rates in the general market we’d have said they were about the same, if not slightly higher. Ask us now and we’ll tell you that at … Continue reading

Record returns for shareholders but conservative pay increases for CEOs

Posted by Matthew Kleger

Over the past seven years, Hay Group has prepared The Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO pay survey – the most widely read piece in the US on executive compensation. During that time, we’ve gathered a tremendous amount of data and … Continue reading

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