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Engaging through change – No more ‘are we there yet’

Posted by Paul Meijer

“An organisation going through change is like an elastic band; if you let the tension go, it’ll spring back to where it started” – David Hawkins, Chairman and Managing Director, BASF Australia and New Zealand It is hard to find … Continue reading

The role of rewards in enabling a culture of innovation

Posted by Tom McMullen

Most companies say that innovation is a core value and reward professionals overwhelmingly report that incentive programs have a positive impact on encouraging innovation, according to new Hay Group research. One of our prior Hay Group studies found that the … Continue reading

Why are CEOs getting more cash?

Posted by Irv Becker

According to the first 50 results from the latest Wall Street Journal/Hay Group survey, CEO compensation at large US corporations rose again in 2014, with median pay up 6.9 percent to $12.2m, vs. a 4.3 percent rise in 2013. The … Continue reading

Attracting graduates isn’t the problem, it’s keeping them

Posted by Lucy Beaumont

With yet another book out this month from Google ~ ‘Work Rules’ ~ detailing what it’s like to work at Google, we can confidently say that Google have nailed the ‘attracting candidates’ piece. We’ve all heard, and perhaps been in … Continue reading

AAA incentives

Posted by Mark Thompson

Well, it’s that time of year again when exams are in season and I don’t doubt that the question you are asking yourself is this: should I pay my kids for exam success? As someone who makes a living out … Continue reading

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