Can Frank Sinatra, Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams teach us something about assessment methodologies?

Posted by Stephen Welch

Of course they can.  And indeed, some typical approaches to assessing people are a bit like the lyrics of the song they have in common, ‘Somethin’ stupid’. For those who may not know the song, it’s about two people on … Continue reading

On your marks, get set….

Posted by David Smith

Hands up if you’ve ever dreamt about standing on an Olympic podium with a gold medal around your neck. I thought so. And though most of our sporting dreams died long before we even hit our teens, London 2012 is … Continue reading

Is the matrix the key to innovation?

Posted by Signe Spencer

Increasingly, companies seeking to accelerate innovation are turning to matrix management. Are they making the right choice? Let’s be clear: Launching a matrix team no more guarantees successful innovations than building a railroad track guarantees high-speed rail service. However, Hay … Continue reading

Engaged, but not enabled?

Posted by Gaurav Lahiri

The idea of dealing with something as neatly bounded as a ‘business strategy’ certainly has its obvious attractions. Alas, strategies don’t achieve results; people do! No strategy can work unless the organization has the right people, with the right skills, … Continue reading

When uncertainty knocks

Posted by Nitin Razdan

Through most of the last decade, India witnessed GDP growth rates of more than 8 percent, with the downturn of 2008-2009 coming as a surprise to India Inc. At the time, many of our clients witnessed a slowdown in business … Continue reading

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