How do you know if your organization’s reward programs really work?

Posted by Tom McMullen

Can you imagine any scenario in which an organization wouldn’t conduct a return on investment (ROI) analysis before investing more in a product, line of business or emerging market? Most investors would likely view such inaction as negligent. Yet, the … Continue reading

Imitate to innovate: secrets from the world’s best organizations

Posted by Ben Hubbard

In the 1990 sci-fi action movie Total Recall, the hero – played by Arnold Schwarzenegger – hitches a lift in a Johnny Cab to escape his pursuers. Johnny Cab is a driverless taxi piloted by a robot. When Johnny Cab … Continue reading

Are we reward people about to be terminated?

Posted by Mark Thompson

With Terminator V about to hit the big screen, we are being reminded once again of the persistent vision of a future where we are dominated by machines. Even Stephen Hawking is in on the act, claiming that machines pose … Continue reading

Why are CEOs getting more cash?

Posted by Irv Becker

According to the first 50 results from the latest Wall Street Journal/Hay Group survey, CEO compensation at large US corporations rose again in 2014, with median pay up 6.9 percent to $12.2m, vs. a 4.3 percent rise in 2013. The … Continue reading

Would your mission statement pass the acid test?

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

When people are aligned, organizations prosper. “Alignment” is the first dimension of the Human Performance Equation, Hay Group’s new measure for identifying how well a workforce is performing. People at the world’s best companies are aligned – and it’s often … Continue reading

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