Performance management

When people change, organisations can transform

Posted by Jill Connell

We so enjoy hearing CEOs say their people are focused on achieving the results the CEO wants. One of our passions is to help more CEOs say this more often. To achieve this, people need to believe the organisation’s goals … Continue reading

Ever tried to build an igloo with the wrong kind of snow?

Posted by Stephen Lams

Tough, right?  It falls apart in your hands. It won’t bind.  It has no structure, no strength, and no staying power (if you prefer a sunny beach at this time of year, you also need the right kind of sand … Continue reading

What is the UK civil service actually for?

Posted by Phil Kenmore

Everyone is likely to have their own answer to this question and it’s not one I will attempt to answer in this blog, but it is certainly what the UK civil service should be asking right now, and here’s why. … Continue reading

When uncertainty knocks

Posted by Nitin Razdan

Through most of the last decade, India witnessed GDP growth rates of more than 8 percent, with the downturn of 2008-2009 coming as a surprise to India Inc. At the time, many of our clients witnessed a slowdown in business … Continue reading

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