Performance management

Enforcing equality enforces inequality

Posted by Lubna Haq

My heart sank when I read that NHS organisations are to be forced to increase the representation of ethnic minorities in senior positions or face contractual and regulatory consequences. I shudder when anyone talks about enforcing race equality standards and, … Continue reading

Cyber sickness now afflicting middle management: report

Posted by Ralph Marshall

Few things make a medical practitioner squirm as much as a patient walking into their waiting room clutching an iPad or smartphone. The Internet has created a generation of cyberchondriacs, patients who rely on sometimes questionable websites and forums for … Continue reading

Toward a more meaningful balance – boards and CEOs seek to find their sweet spot

Posted by Christine Rivers

The Board’s role vis-à-vis the CEO has always been somewhat sensitive. In our experience, the way the relationship is handled is a function of many factors. While all board members and CEOs would certainly see the board as the overseer … Continue reading

How does the link between reward and performance vary around the world?

Posted by Nick Boulter

In the last of our video blogs on reward and performance management, my colleagues Chris Chen (Hay Group Canada), Aspasia Voulgari (Hay Group Southern Europe) and I look at the regional differences we’ve observed in how organizations reward their people. … Continue reading

Great people management makes the difference

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

If anybody asks whether human resource management is important, we believe no one will reply ‘no’ because machines definitely will not be able to function without people. But if anybody asks how it is important to the business, there are … Continue reading

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