Executing strategy

It’s time for a real measure of what makes your business perform

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Can you ever really know what’s driving your business’s performance? It’s relatively easy to gauge the numbers, using tools like cash flow and Return on Capital analyses. But it’s much harder to get an objective measure of how well people … Continue reading

Local government leadership: less is more

Posted by Emma Cornwall

A recent report by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Think Tank, Local Government: Time for Reinvention, says the future of local government needs a radical rethink early in the new parliament in order to define what councils are for, what … Continue reading

How is digitization affecting work and jobs – the bagel effect

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Where are all the flying cars? Last century’s most exciting transport prediction never happened. Today, we’re still stuck in traffic jams. The problem is we’re not always very good at predicting where technology might take us. So how can we … Continue reading

Pharma’s New Network Model: Assessing the new demands on leaders

Posted by Ian Wilcox

The first few months of 2015 have been turbulent for pharma R&D: In February Sanofi laid off 100 R&D staffers in Cambridge. That same month, Pfizer announced plans to lay off R&D staff. AstraZeneca is spinning out its anti-infectives unit … Continue reading

How to rescue a turnaround plan

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Hay Group Strategic Workforce Planning analysis revealed that by creating too many expensive managers, a leading retailer’s twin transformation programs were in fact destroying the value they were designed to create. Our insights led the company back to success. It’s … Continue reading

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