Managing in the matrix

Part 4 | People management

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

In the aviation business, each airline has a different definition of talent in “Knowledgeable talent” and “Good-minded talent” perspective. This is why each airline has different characteristics and structure. Starting from the definition of its “Talent” for Low Cost Carriers … Continue reading

3 classic HR issues and how aligning processes could hold the answer

Posted by Kayleigh Nance

Recently I’ve been thinking about HR as a discipline and how rapidly it has changed in the past decade (or two). At one point, HR wasn’t getting the respect it deserved. Thankfully, times have changed. With the ability to extrapolate … Continue reading

Diversity Executive magazine: Follow the female leader (an excerpt)

Posted by Ruth Malloy

Managing complex, cross-boundary relationships and initiatives in a matrix organization takes a different set of skills than leading in a traditional hierarchical system. Hay Group’s 2012 “Effectively Leading in the Matrix” research — based on interviews with matrix leaders — … Continue reading

Is the matrix the key to innovation?

Posted by Signe Spencer

Increasingly, companies seeking to accelerate innovation are turning to matrix management. Are they making the right choice? Let’s be clear: Launching a matrix team no more guarantees successful innovations than building a railroad track guarantees high-speed rail service. However, Hay … Continue reading


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