Leadership development and transformation

Always on: How smartphones have the power to revolutionize the world of work

Posted by David Smith

A couple of years ago we produced some research on the global megatrends likely to affect the world of work in the next 15 years.  One of the six themes centred on our increased ‘digital lifestyle’ and the growing need … Continue reading

How to create 100,000 leaders

Posted by Florence Fass-Jouvene

Danone’s development program is breathtaking in scope – and already yielding results. It’s impossible not to admire Danone for the sheer scale of their ambition. Most leadership development programs cover just the top few tiers of senior management. How many … Continue reading

Leadership lessons from the banking upheaval

Posted by Jean-Marc Laouchez

“Banking is no longer somewhere that you go, it’s something that you do.” – Brett King, Banking 3.0 When was the last time you visited a bank branch? My kids have never seen the inside of one. Chances are they … Continue reading

Running NHS England – an impossible job?

Posted by Phil Kenmore

The announcement of Simon Stevens to be the new chief executive of NHS England this week raises interesting questions about what he will be able to achieve. Firstly congratulations to Simon – his CV is impressive and many players in … Continue reading

What have the financial services sector and the civil service got in common?

Posted by Graham Atkins

Quite a lot as it happens. Besides the obvious things like scale, utility and complexity, it is clear that both are facing the challenge of a generation. In the case of financial services, this is about rebuilding trust in some … Continue reading

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