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What can I learn by watching the great sporting events of 2014?

Posted by Rosana Wayand

2014 will be a year of pursuit of sporting excellence: beginning with Australian Tennis Championships, followed by the Winter Olympics in Russia, the Soccer World Cup in Brazil and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Athletes will amaze us, records will … Continue reading

Ever tried to build an igloo with the wrong kind of snow?

Posted by Stephen Lams

Tough, right?  It falls apart in your hands. It won’t bind.  It has no structure, no strength, and no staying power (if you prefer a sunny beach at this time of year, you also need the right kind of sand … Continue reading

Nelson Mandela: the emotionally intelligent leader

Posted by Patricia Martin

Nelson Mandela’s biographer Anthony Sampson wrote that during Mandela’s 27 years in jail “he developed the art of politics: how to relate to all kinds of people, how to persuade and cajole, how to turn his warders into dependents and … Continue reading

Banker bashers need to see the bigger picture!

Posted by Graeme Yell

Recent research by the LSE has estimated the cost to ten leading global banks of ‘scandals’, comprising fines, money set aside for compensation to customers and liabilities arising from other areas as a whopping £148bn. One way to look at … Continue reading

Different and yet the same

Posted by Crispin White

Human beings love to classify; to break people and things into groups. It helps us to make sense of the world. But sometimes, it can make us think we’re more different than we actually are. Take fast-moving and mature markets. … Continue reading

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