Global expansion and emerging markets

When people change, organisations can transform

Posted by Jill Connell

We so enjoy hearing CEOs say their people are focused on achieving the results the CEO wants. One of our passions is to help more CEOs say this more often. To achieve this, people need to believe the organisation’s goals … Continue reading

Different and yet the same

Posted by Crispin White

Human beings love to classify; to break people and things into groups. It helps us to make sense of the world. But sometimes, it can make us think we’re more different than we actually are. Take fast-moving and mature markets. … Continue reading

Better together? Why a focus on alignment is a precondition for ‘transformative’ M&A

Posted by David Derain

By David Derain and Frédéric L’Héréec Every merger or acquisition faces two parallel challenges – bringing the businesses together, while at the same time maintaining continuity. To achieve this, companies typically form a program management office (PMO, also known as … Continue reading

Are you future-proofed against extinction?

Posted by Henriette Rothschild

The business terrain is volatile like no other time before, and one lesson is clear – this isn’t likely to change any time soon. Globally we are dealing with tectonic shifts impacting traditional business models (e.g. in the retail, print … Continue reading

How to be an effective risk taker

Posted by Graeme Yell

One only has to open the newspaper to see the most terrifying – and topical – word in business continually played out: risk. Ed. note: this article by Hay Group consultant Graeme Yell originally appeared in The Treasurer. The dramatic … Continue reading

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