Culture transformation

Lessons from the cockpit for leaders in financial services

Posted by Rick Lash

The financial services industry can’t seem to get out of the headlines, for all the wrong reasons. Recently the stories have focused on the settlement between JP Morgan and regulators in the U.S. and the U.K. for almost a billion … Continue reading

Transformation blueprint: The things successful leaders do differently

Posted by Paul Meijer

It is one of the biggest tests for business leaders, and it is also something they rarely get many chances to practice – leading an organisation through transformation. Perhaps this is why some leadership teams avoid making radical changes or … Continue reading

Innovate differently

Posted by Jean-Marc Laouchez

New ideas can be dangerous. How do you generate them in a culture that’s built around managing risk? Hay Group’s Jean-Marc Laouchez outlines two big steps financial services leaders can take to unlock innovation. As the book The Innovator’s Dilemma … Continue reading

Post-Crisis Leadership – creating the right climate

Posted by Mark Williams

This year, Hay Group in the Middle East is focusing its research on the changing expectations of employers and employees under the banner of the Tawaqquat series. As part of this we explored the idea of how business leadership in … Continue reading

In banking, no-one can hear the customer scream

Posted by Graeme Yell

According to our recent Appearances can Deceive report financial institutions have a strong opportunity to build a competitive edge with better customer service. This post outlines three ways in which financial services leaders can set about this. It’s fair to … Continue reading

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