Culture transformation

Banker bashers need to see the bigger picture!

Posted by Graeme Yell

Recent research by the LSE has estimated the cost to ten leading global banks of ‘scandals’, comprising fines, money set aside for compensation to customers and liabilities arising from other areas as a whopping £148bn. One way to look at … Continue reading

Letter to the new CEO of a company in serious trouble

Posted by David Derain

By David Derain and Eric Pelletier Congratulations and welcome to your new job. You’re in one of the most prestigious CEO seats in the corporate world and also one of the most perilous. Your organization faces a colossal challenge: the … Continue reading

Better together? Why a focus on alignment is a precondition for ‘transformative’ M&A

Posted by David Derain

By David Derain and Frédéric L’Héréec Every merger or acquisition faces two parallel challenges – bringing the businesses together, while at the same time maintaining continuity. To achieve this, companies typically form a program management office (PMO, also known as … Continue reading

How to create 100,000 leaders

Posted by Florence Fass-Jouvene

Danone’s development program is breathtaking in scope – and already yielding results. It’s impossible not to admire Danone for the sheer scale of their ambition. Most leadership development programs cover just the top few tiers of senior management. How many … Continue reading

Success: the enemy of transformation

Posted by Henriette Rothschild

Co-authored by Graeme Yell and Henriette Rothschild The end of a financial year is a time of reflection for organisations.  A time to celebrate (or commiserate), and to plan for the future.  Many organisations look enviously at the elite few … Continue reading

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