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Leadership is about to get more uncomfortable

Posted by Yvonne Sell

Employees used to know just your name, your face, your business reputation. Now they know your salary, your hometown, your connections on LinkedIn, how much your house is worth. They know more than ever, and you’re under pressure to share … Continue reading

What do companies think about sales growth?

Posted by Michael Vaccaro

The prevailing opinion seemed to be “so far, so good”, according to sales and HR participants attending our Enterprise Sales Effectiveness roundtables in April. We held these events in Chicago and New York City. Each had about a dozen companies … Continue reading

The secret of strategic success? Don’t ‘phone it in’

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Most corporate strategies fail. And often, that’s because ‘noise’ in the system gets in the way of people understanding what the company wants to achieve. So if your people are not clear about your strategy how can it succeed? But … Continue reading

The knowledge baton: learning from the next generation

Posted by Georg Vielmetter

I couldn’t help but smile the other day when a colleague told me that his three-year-old son had showed him how to play Angry Birds. “I guess it’s a sign of the times,” he mused. He’s not wrong. Only this … Continue reading

Sorting the Dantons from the Marie-Antoinettes

Posted by Jean-Marc Laouchez

I was fortunate enough to participate at last November’s Economist Retail Banking Summit and the topic for the day was how the sector could adapt in the face of revolutionary change. In a new world where disruptive technology, regulation and … Continue reading

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