Collateral damage – Digitization kills the Underwriter and Claims Adjuster

Posted by Christian Weiss

25 years ago, our parents told us to apply for a job at a bank or in insurance. This was considered a safe bet. Nowadays banks and insurance companies are not known for job security. According to a recent US … Continue reading

Engaging through change – No more ‘are we there yet’

Posted by Paul Meijer

“An organisation going through change is like an elastic band; if you let the tension go, it’ll spring back to where it started” – David Hawkins, Chairman and Managing Director, BASF Australia and New Zealand It is hard to find … Continue reading

The CEO and the new BMW

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

You’ve made it. You’re finally at the helm of this company or this Business Unit. Your new appointment crowns many years of hard work, and a bit of luck. You’ve read HBR articles in detail and a swarm of your … Continue reading

Creating devolution headspace

Posted by Jonathan Magee

Successful devolution is all down to leaders. They need the time and space to focus on what they have to do and they need the skills to enable those around them to do great work. We recently carried out research … Continue reading

Skate where the puck is going to be: Coming to terms with the top three issues facing Life Sciences today

Posted by Ian Wilcox

As human resources and operations leaders from around the world gather in Boston for the annual Hanson Wade Life Sciences Leadership Forum, I see three pressing issues that will pose major challenges to the industry over the coming years. The … Continue reading

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