Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen is the leader of Hay Group’s North American reward practice, based in Chicago, Il and is accountable for leading Hay Group’s service line innovation, thought leadership and capability development initiatives for the reward practice. His client consulting work focuses primarily on developing and implementing total reward program design, including reward strategy development, incentive plan design, linking reward and performance management systems, work measurement and organization effectiveness. Tom has been quoted widely in newspapers and magazines around the world on reward and human capital issues, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Business Week, Money, Fortune, Forbes and Chicago Tribune. He is a frequent speaker on reward and human resource issues and he has contributed to over 50 books and articles on human capital management topics. Tom holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. Contact Email: Tel: +1.312.228.1848

Author's latest blog articles

The role of rewards in enabling a culture of innovation

Posted by Tom McMullen

Most companies say that innovation is a core value and reward professionals overwhelmingly report that incentive programs have a positive impact on encouraging innovation, according to new Hay Group research. One of our prior Hay Group studies found that the … Continue reading

Differentiating and rewarding performance

Posted by Tom McMullen

The current economic climate has caused many organizations to rethink their performance management processes and the way they assess and reward for performance. Since the global economy bottomed out several years ago, we’ve seen organizations significantly increasing the pace of … Continue reading

How do you know if your organization’s reward programs really work?

Posted by Tom McMullen

Can you imagine any scenario in which an organization wouldn’t conduct a return on investment (ROI) analysis before investing more in a product, line of business or emerging market? Most investors would likely view such inaction as negligent. Yet, the … Continue reading

Even monkeys are looking for greater reward fairness

Posted by Tom McMullen

“Monkeys that had previously been perfectly happy with a slice of cucumber suddenly stopped accepting it when they saw their partners getting a grape.”  – Nature Magazine (2004) Concepts of fairness and equity are developed at a young age and … Continue reading

They made him an offer he can’t refuse… are you sure about that?

Posted by Tom McMullen

One of my friends, Catherine, is the manager of a large group of people. One of her key leaders just tendered his resignation because he’s been offered a better deal elsewhere. She really can’t afford to let him go: he … Continue reading

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