Stephen Welch

Stephen Welch

When Stephen was at Hay Group, he led the global Communication Media and Technology Consulting sector, working with global clients in this challenging, fast-paced and fun industry. This accounted for about 11% of Hay Group's global turnover of half a billion dollars. His expertise is in helping organizations with culture change, innovation, communication, leadership development and exploring the connections between behaviour and job/organization design to understand how people in different jobs need to lead differently. He is a Certified member of the Market Research Society and the Chartered Institute of Publications, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Author's latest blog articles

Improving the performance of your business – secrets of the magic circle

Posted by Stephen Welch

Reducing your costs while improving performance may seem like an impossible task. But it isn’t. In fact there are four ‘magic’ tricks which can help improve business performance, improve working life for employees and save money too.  But does magic … Continue reading

Can Frank Sinatra, Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams teach us something about assessment methodologies?

Posted by Stephen Welch

Of course they can.  And indeed, some typical approaches to assessing people are a bit like the lyrics of the song they have in common, ‘Somethin’ stupid’. For those who may not know the song, it’s about two people on … Continue reading

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