Stephen Welch

Stephen Welch

When Stephen was at Hay Group, he led the global Communication Media and Technology Consulting sector, working with global clients in this challenging, fast-paced and fun industry. This accounted for about 11% of Hay Group's global turnover of half a billion dollars. His expertise is in helping organizations with culture change, innovation, communication, leadership development and exploring the connections between behaviour and job/organization design to understand how people in different jobs need to lead differently. He is a Certified member of the Market Research Society and the Chartered Institute of Publications, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Author's latest blog articles

We all mind the (gender pay) gap

Posted by Stephen Welch

Ed. note: this article originally ran on the website HR Director on 2 July, 2013. You can see the original article here.  The increasing pay gap between men and women is disengaging the workforce. Stephen Welch, a Director at Hay Group, … Continue reading

Charles Dickens: change management guru?

Posted by Stephen Welch

I gave a speech recently to a group of financial directors at the UK Government Department of Business Innovation and Skills, and the brief around change management got me thinking about Charles Dickens. Let me explain why. Did you know … Continue reading

The media sector: escaping from Gollum

Posted by Stephen Welch

A few days ago, we left Bilbo Baggins (and by extension, media companies), stuck with Gollum getting tied up in knots and not knowing how to succeed and escape.  Read on to find out what happens next and how it … Continue reading

The media sector: Hobbiton, Mordor or somewhere in between?

Posted by Stephen Welch

You might at first think there is little connection between the media sector and JRR Tolkein’s “The Hobbit”, recently released as a movie.  But there are in fact a lot of parallels between Bilbo Baggins’ journey and the on-going journeys … Continue reading

UPDATED: What we can all learn from the BBC

Posted by Stephen Welch

Finally!, a controversy that doesn’t end in –gate. When it comes to the BBC the world has 90 years of broadcasting output to be thankful for. But maybe a lasting legacy will be the death knell of the –gate suffix as a handy … Continue reading

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