Signe Spencer

Signe Spencer

Signe Spencer is a senior principal at Hay Group in the McClelland Center for Research and Innovation. Her work has included all aspects of competency research, including integrating competency findings across a wide variety of jobs, improving methods of competency research, designing and validating competency applications, and providing individual feedback and coaching to executives. In addition, she designs interactive online tutorials to teach Hay Group’s motivational and managerial concepts and to facilitate competency development. Ms. Spencer received her BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago and her M.Ed in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard. Contact Email: Tel: 617.425.4508

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Lessons in leadership from George Washington – In two parts

Posted by Signe Spencer

In honor of the President’s Day holiday in the United States this past Monday, the leadership blog, Great Leadership by Dan, published two guest blogs posts from Signe Spencer, a senior principal at Hay Group.  In part one of her … Continue reading

Is the matrix the key to innovation?

Posted by Signe Spencer

Increasingly, companies seeking to accelerate innovation are turning to matrix management. Are they making the right choice? Let’s be clear: Launching a matrix team no more guarantees successful innovations than building a railroad track guarantees high-speed rail service. However, Hay … Continue reading

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