Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson

Sam is an Associate Director of Hay Group Insight and has some 15+ years experience in the field of employee engagement research and consulting. Sam works with his clients to facilitate real organisational improvements from their engagement programs. He has recently returned to Europe as head of Insight UK, having started and headed up Hay Group Insight in the Pacific region. Sam works across major sectors globally on many employee engagement survey progams. This has included work for National Australia Bank, BHP Billiton, Serco, Nestle, Compass Group, McDonald’s & Nissan. @SDawsonHayGroup

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May the (older work-) force be with you

Posted by Sam Dawson

Last week I heard that Harrison Ford was being treated in hospital after being injured on the set of the latest Star Wars film. The story I had from a colleague was that the door of the Millennium Falcon had … Continue reading

Leadership and people engagement in 2030: what organisations need to know today

Posted by Sam Dawson

“I wanna be….Anarchy” snarled the Sex Pistols in their infamous punk anthem  ‘Anarchy in the UK’ in 1976. While these lyrics could be dismissed as the rantings of the punk rock generation, they do seem to reflect a recent shift … Continue reading

Rise of the machines in 2014?

Posted by Sam Dawson

So, it’s 2014. Given that in my younger days the setting for the Sci-Fi series Space1999 seemed way off in the distant future, 2014AD seems positively space-age. That must be one of the reasons I spent many hours on Boxing … Continue reading

The performance engagement gap: the best companies decline as the rest of the world improves

Posted by Sam Dawson

Sitting on the 6.45am train from sleepy Oxfordshire this week I was struck by three things. The first was the familiar early morning craving for a coffee of epic sized proportions. The second was a more sobering reflection that I … Continue reading

The Tao of Engagement

Posted by Sam Dawson

Picture yourself in ancient China, perched on the edge of a far flung range of misty mountains. It’s 5am and in the early morning chill, as the mist begins to rise, you move in harmony with a hundred other highly … Continue reading


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