Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter

Nick Boulter works with senior executives to ensure that Hay Group understands their issues and can scope insightful solutions to create real business benefits; Nick leads Hay Group’s global teams to work with their clients in a seamless manner, creating genuine business partnerships. Nick has a BA (Hons) in Economics (University of Sussex), and a MA in Economics and Industrial Relations (Manchester University); he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of People Development. Contact Email: Tel: +44 (0)20 7856 7014 Mobile : +44 7831 581157

Author's latest blog articles

How to keep your people “up” when pay increases are down

Posted by Nick Boulter

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen our salary forecasts for 2014, we predict that global salary increases will be down on last year. And when you add inflationary pressures to the mix, it looks likely that many regions will see … Continue reading

State of pay: multinationals must get to grips with reward to succeed in new markets

Posted by Nick Boulter

In this past decade, the emerging markets have truly lived up to their name. Where developed economies have lumbered from crisis to crisis and growth has stagnated, their more nimble colleagues have driven significant growth and expanded their businesses. This … Continue reading

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