Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Mark has worked with a range of organisations in the UK, India and across the globe to develop reward structures, implement pay systems and to provide advice relating to organisation design and corporate structures. In addition to his client facing role, Mark has responsibility for developing our reward consulting capability and reward consulting business across the UK and Ireland.

Author's latest blog articles

Are we reward people about to be terminated?

Posted by Mark Thompson

With Terminator V about to hit the big screen, we are being reminded once again of the persistent vision of a future where we are dominated by machines. Even Stephen Hawking is in on the act, claiming that machines pose … Continue reading

Time to slay the skills shortage chimera?

Posted by Mark Thompson

I had a rare opportunity recently to get away from a desk and screen and go on a site visit to a high technology company to see how things are done in the real world. Amongst the plant and equipment … Continue reading

AAA incentives

Posted by Mark Thompson

Well, it’s that time of year again when exams are in season and I don’t doubt that the question you are asking yourself is this: should I pay my kids for exam success? As someone who makes a living out … Continue reading


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