Ian Wilcox

Ian Wilcox

Ian Wilcox is Global Managing Director Life Sciences at Hay Group. He specializes in executive assessment, talent management and organizational effectiveness. Ian helps organizations improve how human capital is deployed and developed.

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Skate where the puck is going to be: Coming to terms with the top three issues facing Life Sciences today

Posted by Ian Wilcox

As human resources and operations leaders from around the world gather in Boston for the annual Hanson Wade Life Sciences Leadership Forum, I see three pressing issues that will pose major challenges to the industry over the coming years. The … Continue reading

What Work Was, What Work Will Be, and Why HR Must Innovate

Posted by Ian Wilcox

The July-August issue of the Harvard Business Review has a provocative cover: “It’s Time to Blow Up HR and Build Something New.” So when I opened the magazine, I expected a cannonade of bombast and hyperbole. Despite the cover’s sensational … Continue reading

Pharma’s New Network Model: Assessing the new demands on leaders

Posted by Ian Wilcox

The first few months of 2015 have been turbulent for pharma R&D: In February Sanofi laid off 100 R&D staffers in Cambridge. That same month, Pfizer announced plans to lay off R&D staff. AstraZeneca is spinning out its anti-infectives unit … Continue reading

Rebranding the pharmaceutical sales rep? A good idea – when accompanied by real change

Posted by Ian Wilcox

You may or may not agree with the negative portrayal of the pharmaceutical sales representative in recent years. But one fact is irrefutable: the title ‘sales rep’ no longer describes how this role is evolving. Less and less are these … Continue reading

Pharma deals don’t have to threaten innovation

Posted by Ian Wilcox

In pharma, the big story of the spring and summer has been M&A. The drama began in April with an asset swap between GSK and Novartis. The most recent headline grabbers have been inversion deals like AbbVie’s $54 billion acquisition … Continue reading

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