Graeme Yell

Graeme Yell

Graeme worked as a Director at Hay Group and has now moved on to be Head of Talent at Vodafone.

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Banker bashers need to see the bigger picture!

Posted by Graeme Yell

Recent research by the LSE has estimated the cost to ten leading global banks of ‘scandals’, comprising fines, money set aside for compensation to customers and liabilities arising from other areas as a whopping £148bn. One way to look at … Continue reading

In banking, no-one can hear the customer scream

Posted by Graeme Yell

According to our recent Appearances can Deceive report financial institutions have a strong opportunity to build a competitive edge with better customer service. This post outlines three ways in which financial services leaders can set about this. It’s fair to … Continue reading

Why a real life “Apprentice”-style boardroom would mean corporate chaos

Posted by Graeme Yell

Ed note: This article originally appeared on the London Loves Business website on 22 May, 2013.  You can see the original version here.  This month I have been immersing myself in the latest series of The Apprentice. It’s a programme … Continue reading

How to be an effective risk taker

Posted by Graeme Yell

One only has to open the newspaper to see the most terrifying – and topical – word in business continually played out: risk. Ed. note: this article by Hay Group consultant Graeme Yell originally appeared in The Treasurer. The dramatic … Continue reading

Look beyond the balance sheet! It’s not all about the money

Posted by Graeme Yell

There are various forces at work in the world that people tend to take for granted: apples fall from trees; smoke rises; your boiler breaks down during a  cold snap (as I have recently been reminded to my dismay – brrrr!); … Continue reading

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