Eric S. Pelletier

Eric S. Pelletier

Eric has been working in strategy consulting and in investment for 26 years. He is a thought leader for transformation in Hay Group and currently heads its Key Clients in Europe. He has extensive experience in helping Hay Group’s clients develop innovative solutions to their business challenges, leading to large-scale transformational programs bridging human and financial capital. His background includes being a Chief Restructuring Officer in the trading and consumer goods industries, heading up a family office, and co-founding a biotechnology company. Eric S. Pelletier graduated from HEC. He also taught financial engineering at HEC and Sciences-Po Paris, and wrote many articles on Transformation, Performance Improvement and Private Equity. Before joining Hay Group, Eric was a senior partner with Oliver Wyman, heading its Private Equity practice in London, and a partner with Bain & Co in Boston, Paris and London. + 44 7500 102 062

Author's latest blog articles

How to rescue a turnaround plan

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Hay Group Strategic Workforce Planning analysis revealed that by creating too many expensive managers, a leading retailer’s twin transformation programs were in fact destroying the value they were designed to create. Our insights led the company back to success. It’s … Continue reading

How Uber killed Danny DeVito and management with him

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

The oldest of us remember Louie De Palma, Taxi’s despotic dispatcher played by Danny DeVito. Louie was the archetypical (bad) manager. He took decisions, allocated fares and managed a team of drivers, though his style, skills and morality were highly … Continue reading

The customer is always right (in the middle)

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

My bank never sleeps. At least that’s what they claim. Yet, whenever they interact with me they sure don’t seem very awake. That creates a problem for me (loss of time and aggravation) and for them (an unhappy customer telling … Continue reading

Croissants and fairy tales. How storytelling makes strategy happen

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

We’ve looked at how creating ‘one shared story’ of facts and figures about your company and the market in which it operates will cut through the noise and help your people to understand and sign up to your strategy. But … Continue reading

The secret of strategic success? Don’t ‘phone it in’

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Most corporate strategies fail. And often, that’s because ‘noise’ in the system gets in the way of people understanding what the company wants to achieve. So if your people are not clear about your strategy how can it succeed? But … Continue reading

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