Eric S. Pelletier

Eric S. Pelletier

Eric has been working in strategy consulting and in investment for 26 years. He is a thought leader for transformation in Hay Group and currently heads its Key Clients in Europe. He has extensive experience in helping Hay Group’s clients develop innovative solutions to their business challenges, leading to large-scale transformational programs bridging human and financial capital. His background includes being a Chief Restructuring Officer in the trading and consumer goods industries, heading up a family office, and co-founding a biotechnology company. Eric S. Pelletier graduated from HEC. He also taught financial engineering at HEC and Sciences-Po Paris, and wrote many articles on Transformation, Performance Improvement and Private Equity. Before joining Hay Group, Eric was a senior partner with Oliver Wyman, heading its Private Equity practice in London, and a partner with Bain & Co in Boston, Paris and London. + 44 7500 102 062

Author's latest blog articles

The CEO and the new BMW

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

You’ve made it. You’re finally at the helm of this company or this Business Unit. Your new appointment crowns many years of hard work, and a bit of luck. You’ve read HBR articles in detail and a swarm of your … Continue reading

Will digitization kill the modern corporation?

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Ever since computers came on the scene, we have tried to understand how they will affect the future of work. One of the most recent and thorough studies looked at employment in the US and came to a startling conclusion: … Continue reading

Would your mission statement pass the acid test?

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

When people are aligned, organizations prosper. “Alignment” is the first dimension of the Human Performance Equation, Hay Group’s new measure for identifying how well a workforce is performing. People at the world’s best companies are aligned – and it’s often … Continue reading

It’s time for a real measure of what makes your business perform

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Can you ever really know what’s driving your business’s performance? It’s relatively easy to gauge the numbers, using tools like cash flow and Return on Capital analyses. But it’s much harder to get an objective measure of how well people … Continue reading

How is digitization affecting work and jobs – the bagel effect

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

Where are all the flying cars? Last century’s most exciting transport prediction never happened. Today, we’re still stuck in traffic jams. The problem is we’re not always very good at predicting where technology might take us. So how can we … Continue reading

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